We Call Your MLM Leads!

Which country do you want your leads to come from?

We Call Your Leads

We Call Your MLM Leads!

   Which country you want your leads to come from?   

We Call Your MLM Leads
  • Frustrated with bad experiences calling cold leads?
  • Sick of the abuse, the hang ups, the excuses?
  • Starting to develop fear of the phone?

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Welcome to We Call Your Leads

Network Marketers either spend a lot of time on the phone or spend none. So many networkers, develop a fear of the phone which is understandable but causes them to give up and quit the business. 

Those who do have the courage to pick up the phone find themselves wasting hours of time ploughing through pretty low value leads trying to find one prospect who is excited about a home business.

Stop putting yourself through this agony day after day and work smarter.

EVERY person who makes it big in MLM uses other people’s time to make the initial calls. Have a think about it;

When you have professionals making the introductory call to the leads, it’s no time of yours. You can be doing other, more enjoyable and productive business building task. You could be having coffee with some new members of your group.

How much better for your emotions and relationship building would that be?

Our professional call center has made absolutely thousands of calls and have finely tuned a remarkable script which is both quick to say and gets fabulous results. We have tested this script for over 2 years now and we will offer it to you, or, if you prefer we can use your script.

Each time we find an excited prospect for you, we will send you the details as soon as we hang up. That’s what we call a real time exclusive lead!

To ensure our quality is maintained we record every single conversation with the leads.
These recordings are freely available to you so that you can be absolutely sure we called the leads and sent you only those who were wanting to hear from you. 

By now, you are probably quite interested in our We Call your Leads service, that is assuming you are a serious about wanting to take your business to the next level and to be walking across stage in the near future.

If you’re not really serious than it beats me why you’re reading this

There is one more thing we want to touch on and make clear to you so that if you decide to become a client, there is no misunderstandings. This is a professionally run service. We do all that we promise. We choose to only work with network marketers who are genuinely serious about building a business as fast as possible.

If you are not ready to invest in your business then, honestly, we are not a good match and you should look elsewhere. 

All serious networkers know that building a mlm business takes consistent and sustained effort. No one goes to the top in one month. It takes months of consistent effort which can be duplicated by your group. 

You are their leader, you are their alpha, be the example they need to follow and succeed.

Our service is based on you and us working together for some time. Therefore, we only offer a membership system for access to our service. We understand some people are afraid to commit to a recurring payment system and that’s ok, they are not suited to working with us and are very unlikely to succeed in any business, let alone MLM.

Each month we will bill you and each month we will provide a minimum guaranteed number of real time exclusive leads to you.

Yes we guarantee a minimum number of leads to you.

We also guarantee a minimum number of hours calling on your behalf.

The reason we do this is to be a success in business, you need discipline and predictability. The discipline will come by you calling the leads we produce for you. The predictability of knowing how many leads you will be getting each month will grow your business much faster than it is now.

Can you think of a faster easier way to get to your goals and dreams?

To get started now select which country
you want your leads to come from

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order begin?

Good question, the sooner you order the sooner it will start is the simple answer. It does depend on how many other orders are in front of you but generally speaking, after you ok our script or send us yours the calling will start between 48 and 72 hours later.

How will I know the calling has started?

We will send you an email giving you a heads up that we are about to start.

How will I get the leads?

We will email you right after we finish the call with the lead. We will send you all their contact information in real time. So you will have a hot Real Time Exclusive Lead

How will I know when the calling has finished?

We will send you all the leads we called, including the ones who were interested, along with a full report on exactly what results the calling produced.

What information will I get with the leads?

Leads from different countries come with varying data. Australian leads will come with the following:

- Gender
- First Name
- Last Name
- Date of Birth
- Email Address

- Street Address
- Postal Code
- State
- Telephone Number

Can I get the whole leads list after you finish calling?

YES. After we finish dialing for you we will send you the entire leads list plus a full report on our dialing

How long does the dialing take?

Depends which package you purchase but usually we will be finished in 2 to 3 days. Then we will send you the entire list and a full report.

How do you deliver the interested leads?

We send the interested leads to you instantly. They are truly an exclusive real time lead. All yours and all ready to take a call from you

To get started now select which country
you want your leads to come from